Training for Excellence Curriculum

Apprenticeship Training Pays Dividends In A Lifetime Of Opportunities For Women & Men!

Apprentice-InstructedPerhaps you aren’t too keen on a four year college education. Maybe you want to get out into the world and begin carving out a living for yourself.

More and more young people are saying “no” to the traditional notion of preparing for their working lives by attending four-year universities. These are active men and women who want to start earning a living, sometimes right out of high school who are looking for a career path they can sink their teeth into, and get paid while they learn.

If that sounds like you, You’re looking in the right direction by considering a career in one of the construction industry’s fastest growing crafts: Fire Sprinkler Fitter.

CD-InstructionsUsing the AFSA Updated Texts and corresponding CD Rom integrated media class training modules which were devel-oped in collaboration with the CAFSA’s apprentice-ship training education committee working with the AFSA’s hand picked education and technical review committee the CAFSA five-year training regimen will assist your apprentices in developing skills that will make your business more profitable and provide your workers a pathway to success in the fastest growing construction trade in the nation.

Now more than ever before, fire sprinkler contractors are faced with a shortage of trained and competent fitters to meet the public’s growing demand for safer buildings and homes.

Municipalities, Cities, Counties and commercial businesses have an urgent need to protect their assets from the threat of the tremendous losses in dollars, and lives, that fire can bring with it. Not only are cities and counties requiring that new homes be fitted with fire sprinkler protection, but many have begun requiring retrofits on existing dwellings. The urgency created by the vastly destructive firestorms in Southern California and San Diego in 2004, was a wake up call throughout the state.

As a result, contractors are anxious to invest the time and money necessary to train new recruits into the trade. And the CAFSA program, which operates throughout California, is a premiere training regimen which combines classroom training.

This is not a union program, which means there are no dues for you to pay. All you have to do is make an application to the program, have a high school diploma or GED, be over 18, and pass a minimum competency test to determine if you are suited to begin the five-year one-the-job training and supplemental instruction program leading to your Journeyman card. The CAFSA program is an equal opportunity employer: which means we encourage men and women and all racial backgrounds to participate and apply.

Once your application is accepted, you will find an employer from among CAFSA’s many participating contractors, and your climb up the ladder of success will begin; commencing with an orientation about the trade and safety requirements.

Take quick look at the curricula listed on the back of this pamphlet and we think you’ll agree: Fire Sprinkler Fitting is a diverse and technical job!

Call this hotline and fill out the attached    to start the process. We look forward to seeing you on the job and in class.