Request By Prospective Training Contractor For Information Regarding Subscription To CAFSA Program: 

$1250 (Non-Refundable) Application Fee Required*


Dear CAFSA Training Administrator:

I wish to receive information on the requirements associated with registering my company in the CAFSA State and Federally approved apprenticeship program for fire sprinkler fitters. I understand that in order to be approved as a training contractor, that there is a standard vetting process which may include certain background information on my company’s history such as prior compliance violations on California State or Federal Davis Bacon up to and including disbarments; misclassification of workers; underpayment of wages or workers compensation, meals and rest period violations and overtime compliance. I am also aware that the training agreements for both contractor and individual apprentices are four-way legal agreements between the CAFSA Unilateral Training Committee (UAC) subscribing contractor, either the State DAS and/or the Federal Office of Apprenticeship Training (OAT), and individual apprentice. In the case of the subscription agreement, it is a third party understanding between the public training agency (OAT or DAS), CAFSA UAC and the contractor.

To participate in the CAFSA apprenticeship program as a training contractor, you must have:

  • A current active Fire Sprinkler contractor’s license.
  • Evidence of Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Evidence of General Liability Coverage
  • Membership in good standing in the American Fire Sprinkler Association
  • Two-years continued operation as a licensed Fire Sprinkler contractor.
  • Complete the CAFSA Waiver and Release

*NEW:   This request must be accompanied by a  nonrefundable $1,250 application fee.  

Please Note: All information provided in the “pre-application” below is confidential. However, because the CAFSA Apprenticeship Program qualifies as an ERISA Trust (Employee Retirement Income & Security Act of 1974),  which funds the Training Program,  all information marked as ‘required’ needs to be supplied. For your convenience, you may upload related forms from your desktop. You will see field guides to click which will take you to your browser in order to attach require documents (files).. 

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Are you classified as DVBE(Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise)

Primary Scope of work

Percent of Work that is Prevailing: (required)

How many Individuals do you currently employ as fire sprinkler fitters?

Of those, how many would you like to enroll in the apprentice program?

Are any of your current fitters graduates of a state or federal training program?

If so, which program: (required)

What is the company workers compensation Modification rate:

2014 Mod Rate:
2015 Mod Rate:
2016 Mod Rate:

Workers Compensation Certificate (required)

General Liability Certificate(required)

Will you be working on Public Works Projects?

If you are doing public works projects, please upload your certificate below.

California Prevailing wage DIR/DLSE Registration Verification
(required for doing public works)

Copy of Contractor's State License Board Certificate (required)

Verification of membership: American Fire Sprinkler Association (required)

CAFS Apprenticeship & Training Committee Waiver and Release (required)

Once you have completed the form, please submit a payment using the link below.  Your application will not be processed until payment is received.