CAFSA Training Program

The California American Fire Sprinkler Association (CAFSA) Apprenticeship Training Program is an equal opportunity career path for both men and women.

Using training materials developed by the American Fire Sprinkler Association in conjunction with the CAFSA’s own Technical Education Committee’s twenty-one interactive DVD Training modules, apprentices can combine their on-the-job training with a state-of-the art combination of media based training and one-on-one supervision by veteran journeymen and supervisorial personnel.

Whether you’re an entry level crafts-person wanting to join the state’s fastest growing construction industry trade group, or a small, medium, or large fire sprinkler contractor wishing to upgrade the skills and productivity of your field personnel, the California American Fire Sprinkler Association can assist you in reaching your goals.


  • The California American Fire Sprinkler Association (CAFSA) apprenticeship program is committed to the proposition that training and skill development of the workforce is absolutely essential.
  • Any fire sprinkler contractor who does not foster or perpetuate a workplace culture committed to training and safety is destined to fail.
  • Keeping the workforce up-to-date , trained and knowledgeable in safe working practices is key to protecting a contractors bottom line.
  • Training translates into more opportunities and work hours for individual fire sprinkler apprentices and journeymen.
  • Ultimately, a training based culture produces better and more reliable fire protection system installations and extends that value to the commercial, governmental and residential customer.