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Apprenticeship Training Pays Dividends in a Lifetime of Opportunities! Perhaps you are not too keen on a four-year college education. Maybe you want to get out into the world and begin carving out a living for yourself. More and more young people are saying “no” to the traditional notion of preparing for their working lives by attending four-year universities. These are active men and women who want to start earning a living, sometimes right out of high school who are looking for a career path they can sink their teeth into and get paid while they learn. If that sounds like you, you are looking in the right direction by considering a career in one of the construction industry’s fastest growing crafts: Fire Sprinkler Fitter. the CAFSA five-year training regimen will assist you in developing skills that will make you more profitable and provide you with a pathway to success in the fastest growing construction trade in the nation. CAFSA apprentices attend school while enrolled in the program. Expert-led classroom instruction includes theory, safety, proper technique, and trade-specific fundamentals. Students also benefit from instructor demonstrations and simulations. After completing the CAFSA Apprenticeship Program, graduates receive a journey level card and certificate of completion from the State of California and the US Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship. More importantly, they will have the skills and credentials necessary to succeed in today’s competitive workforce. CAFSA’s Apprenticeship Programs was developed to increase the number of highly skilled craftspeople in the construction industry. Accredited by the State of California’s Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, our apprenticeship programs adhere to all industry standards and regulations. Now more than ever before, fire sprinkler contractors are faced with a shortage of trained and competent fitters to meet the public’s growing demand for safer buildings and homes.

Training Schedules

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Fitter Instructors Needed

The CAFSA Unilateral Training Committee is currently looking for qualified instructors for part-time positions in its Fire Sprinkler Apprenticeship Training Program.

Please contact Michelle Perez, CAFSA Apprenticeship Director (818) 687-9492 | [email protected]

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