AFSA Chapters

Sacramento Valley

jordan hopkins


Elite Automatic Fire
(916) 672-8415

Paulene Norwood

Executive Director

Alwest Fire Protection
(916) 296-0635

Greater Bay Area

David Karrick


Aegis Fire Systems
(925) 417-5550

Alicia Karrick

Executive Director

(925) 417-5550

Southern California (Los Angeles)

jeff bridges


JB Fire Protection Inc
(949) 413-0526

Daniel Venencia

Executive Director

AB&A Fire Test Co
(818) 730-6283

San Diego

Scott UrEn


Titan Fire Protection
(858) 722-1470

Rhonda Gudger

executive director

(951) 326-4600

Request By Prospective Training Contractor For Information

Request By Prospective Training Contractor For Information Regarding Subscription To CAFSA

Fitter Instructors Needed

The CAFSA Unilateral Training Committee is currently looking for qualified instructors for part-time positions in its Fire Sprinkler Apprenticeship Training Program.

Please contact Michelle Perez, CAFSA Apprenticeship Director (818) 687-9492 | [email protected]

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